Anonymous asked: niko plays to dynamo kiev or QPR??

Niko played for QPR for the 2013-2014 season, on loan from Dynamo Kiev. His loan expired on July 1. We will have to wait until the transfer season is over to see where he will play in 2014-2015, but as of right now his contract is with Dynamo Kiev.

Anonymous asked: Your blog is perfect :-) Do you know if Niko has a official Twitter or Instagram account? :P lots of love from Germany!

Thank you!! Niko is very private and as far as I know he doesn’t have any official social media accounts.

Anonymous asked: 40 days for Niko's birthday! This is so exciting, haha. What do u think of Niko Kovac? He is sooo adorable too! brazilian fan here

I love Niko Kovac, it’s been fun seeing all the fangirl love coming his way during and after the World Cup. :)

Anonymous asked: I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR! I'm a big fan of Niko, he is soooo adorable 😍 kisses from Brazil!

aww thank you!! ♥


Anonymous asked: I just wanned to say THANK YOU so much for this blog! I fell in love with Niko in 2006 and i've never got over him. Nobody understands how it is possible to love some soccer guy, or like people say, "random one" and it is so good to know i'm not on my one for him. Also, it's very difficult to find news about him, mainly in another language besides croatian. Keep doing this, ur great! <3

Aww! Thank you, this is a really nice message ♥ (I feel bad now for neglecting this blog so much in the past, I’ll work harder from now on!)

noir26 asked: you speak croatian?

No, I don’t, sorry!


zrinkacvitesic asked: I LOVE NIKO!!!!!

Yay! He’s quite lovable! & Zrinka is gorgeous! :)

Niko at the airport with Zrinka Cvitešić on or around 26 May, 2014.

Anonymous asked: he is single, married or divorced?

Niko was married to Simona (née Fistrić) from 2008 until 2012. Recently he has been linked with Croatian actress Zrinka Cvitešić.